Passionate About Protecting Our Heritage


The North Shields Fishermen's Heritage Project was formed in 2015 by a group of volunteers with the objective of raising funds to erect permanent memorial to those fishermen that have sailed beyond the piers of the river Tyne, never to return. 

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The memorial sculpture was unveiled on 24th September 2017 on the site collectively referred to as 'Fiddler's Green' - The mythical resting place of all deceased mariners. The depiction is that of a lone fisherman reflecting in thought and was inspired by a photograph taken in 1960 by local photographer, Harry Hann. 

The Memorial sculpture was our first memorial installation and since then we have been working on a number of new and exciting landmarks and dedications. 

We solely rely on donations from the community and local authorities and without your help to save the memories of those lost they may be lost forever. 

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