The Book OF

The book was introduced in 2019 and provides families with the opportunity to arrange a permanent memorial entry for their loved ones who have passed on. 

The book of Remembrance is secured in an illuminated glass cabinet located in a tranquil space on the ground floor of North Shields Library, Northumberland Square. 

The book is custom-made leather-bound volume, with leaves of the finest parchment paper. 

With a page for each day of the year, that lies open on the corresponding date, inscriptions are recorded by our specialist calligraphers in an order which maintains the balance already established in the book. A copy of each entry is also posted the NSFHP Facebook page and a will also be documented online in due course. 

The objective of the book is to record the names and details of those Fishermen who sailed out of North Shields over the years, and act as a testimony to them all. 

It will provide a historic documentary record of those men who served in our great Fishing Fleet to create a lasting legacy that will be available for generations to come. 

The memorial book is not leas-based and there is only one simple single arrangement fee to pay. 


To be eligible for entry, the basic criteria is that the person concerned must have fished out of North Shields and has either been Lost At Sea, Died At Sea or Died Ashore after retirement from the industry at North Shields. 

To become part of this historic initiative, and remember forever, the final voyage of your loved ones, please contact us for more details, complete the application form below or collect an application form direct from the library.